Translations from Languages

Our company offers translation services from Hebrew to all languages and from all languages, in a large variety of fields.

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Linguistic Editing

SmarTXT offers linguistic editing services in various fields.

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Technical Writing

We offer technical writing services for companies and organizations that need quick, high-quality response to their activity.

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Marketing Writing

We enhance your texts and ensure that your messages are conveyed in the best manner possible, to achieve the requested target.

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Communicate, excite, convince, inspire, guide, share, surprise, and motivate...

Our words are the bridge that connects us to the people around us. Words have the power to create the reality we want, as long as we know how to use them.

Words are the foundation we at SmarTXT use to provide our customers with comprehensive solutions: For translation, editing (technical, linguistic, and academic) and marketing copy for all types of contents in a wide variety of styles, fields of expertise and languages, using the skills of our highly accomplished and experienced team.

Our key to success is uncompromising diligence, based on the understanding that your content as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We see both the big picture as well as the smallest detail.

At SmarTXT we’re committed to your success, and we’re prepared to respond to your needs while meeting the strictest of schedules. Above all - we are committed to your full satisfaction, with regard to both the quality of work and level of service.

We invite you to tour the site and become familiar with us. We hope you choose to join our satisfied customer base, which includes hi-tech companies, law firms, publication houses, and private customers.

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Comprehensive solution

Comprehensive solution for all types of content - translation, technical writing, marketing writing, and editing.


We make no compromises with regard to service, quality of work, meeting the schedules, and providing you with all you may require for the successful completion of your project.


SmarTXT has many years of experience providing translation, technical writing, linguistic editing, and marketing writing services.

Nikolas ricks, CEO In2Holland

In recent years Hezy Asher carried out several translation works for my office. including translation of legal documents from Dutch to Hebrew and English.
Hezy Asher is a highly skilled translator, with a remarkable mastery of both Dutch and the target languages - Hebrew and English.

Ela EIN Gedi, CEO and owner, Globes Translations

Hezy is without a doubt a professional. One of the things that are essential to be a good translator is to be pedant, meticulous and that is how Hezy works.

anatoly, CyberArk

I was Hezy Asher’s direct manager during the seven months he worked as a freelance technical writer at Viewfinity, where he was responsible for writing new documents as well as upgrading and enhancing the existing company’s documentation.
Hezy is an enthusiastic self-starter and a quick learner, who always made sure he understood the products and features he was documenting at the highest level possible. His friendliness and willingness to help made his co-workers gladly willing to cooperate with him. Thanks to Hezy’s work, Viewfinity’s documentation has become significantly better, more efficient, and more uniform. I am confident that his work will result in significant contribution and added benefit for every company employing his services.