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Even though the sun set long ago on the British Empire, there can be no doubt that its language - English - continues to dominate the world. It is by far considered the most important language of them all. English is the only language that serves as both mother tongue and second language in all five continents (technically, Australia has no official language, but English is the fifth continent’s de-facto national language). English is also the default bridge between speakers of different languages in various fields such as commerce, academics, tourism, and diplomacy.

The English language boasts the largest vocabulary of all languages, and a huge variety of dialects are spoken in the many countries and cultures where English serves as the official language. For this reason, a person who has mastered US English will often have a hard time translating a text that originated in England. For example: In the USA, the expression “air marshal” refers to a federal law-enforcement agent who travels undercover aboard commercial airliners, whereas in Britain the term refers to a high-ranking officer in the Royal Air Force. Here’s another example: In England, if a doctor is referred to as “Mr. John Smith”, it means that the doctor is also qualified as a surgeon. In this context, translating the title ““Mr. John Smith” as if it referred to a “plain” Mr. as understood in the USA, would be a grave mistake.

What happens when the translation into English is designated for business needs? In such cases a professional translation is even more important, because the text produced is the company’s business card, which can make the difference between success in acquiring new customers and partners or driving them away from the business.

It is also very important to adapt the translated text for the target audience. For example, in Britain, the article used for removing penciled writing from paper is called a “rubber”. Such a translation should be strictly avoided when addressing a target audience in the USA, where a “rubber” refers to a condom. Here, the correct translation would be “eraser”.

At SmarTXT we have a team of experienced translators who have mastered English at a mother tongue level. They come from various English-speaking countries, and can produce professional translations for all your needs and fields:

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  • Professional texts

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