Because we were not all blessed with Donald Trump’s abilities

“I'm very highly educated. I know words, I have the best words.”

(Taken from Donald Trump’s speech during his presidential campaign, December 2015)

Unfortunately, we were not all blessed with Donald Trump’s abilities, and the words we choose are not always the best ones. Furthermore, even choosing the best words doesn’t guarantee that our text is perfect in terms of syntax, punctuation, consistency, and flow, let alone those spelling and typing mistakes that make even the best designed, best planned texts seem unprofessional.

It’s very hard to proofread the texts we have contemplated and written.  Often, after we’ve invested a lot of time and effort to produce a professional, stylized text, we may find it hard - even impossible - to change the text in any way. Yet in many cases this modification is absolutely essential, making the difference between conveying our message clearly and convincingly, or failing to be fully understood.

For example, an ear-nose-throat specialist preparing a presentation for a professional conference attended by peers of same specialty can use the term “ethmoidal sinus”, and safely assume it will be fully understood. However, if the presentation were to be conveyed to a general audience, in all probability almost no one would understand this term unless the doctor added in brackets “the sinus between the eyes and the nasal cavity”.

It makes sense, doesn’t it? This is exactly how linguistic editing should be applied.

Professional linguistic editing ensures the maximal match between your text and the area and target audience, the required level of language (high level/ordinary language/use of professional terms, etc.), as well as the media to which the text is designated, because writing a Facebook post is totally unlike writing an academic article.

At SmarTXT, we use the services of highly experienced linguistic editors, many of whom specialize in the hi-tech field or possess many years of experience at publication houses.

We are happy to assist you with any linguistic editing task.

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