Tomorrow is too late!

What do a dentist, a plumber and a technical writer at a startup have in common? All three are almost always called upon only when a situation becomes critical, at the last moment. Instead, performing routine audits can save a whole lot of stress and suffering, and end up costing the company much less.

Startup companies often perceive documentation as a necessary evil, and the technical writer as an "auxiliary force" who does not yield money to the organization, unlike a developer or a salesman.   However, accurate, idiot-proof documentation will almost always save the organization many customer-support hours. Good documentation facilitates the process of installing systems at the customer site – an advantage that is of the utmost significance when carrying out a Proof of Concept (PoC).

Furthermore, the lack of an organized, high-quality documentation system often constitutes a significant obstacle to a company's growth path, because as the company grows, the level of product complexity increases.  Long-standing employees familiar with the product stages have less and less time to introduce new employees into their roles. In addition, the situation where only one person within the company is familiar with a certain field is no longer feasible.

At SmarTXT, we specialize in technical writing projects, especially those that require quick familiarization with the product to be documented and an in-depth understanding of complex topics. Every technical writer on our team has hundreds of work hours' experience documenting topics such as data security, databases, API, and ERP, and writes in both English and Hebrew.  We regularly use the services of technical editors with vast knowledge and experience in the documented fields - data security, ERP and so on.

We are happy to offer a comprehensive review of the exiting documentation in your organization, to ensure that when the time comes to produce high-quality technical documentation moment, the required effort and resources will not be too great or obstruct the work flow. Based on our experience, the internal documentation written by developers or subject matter experts (SMEs) is all too often perfunctory or superficial, and does not provide the end-user with all valuable and necessary information, unlike the professional documentation written by a technical writer.  A documentation audit will uncover any potential weaknesses, and provide you with a clear map of areas that require improvement, allowing you the time you need to prepare yourself according to your order of priorities.

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