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Just like the Netherlands itself, the Dutch language is dwarfed by the three giant languages that surround it – German, French, and English. Thus, for many years the Dutch language was perceived as one that is not necessary to master, because the Dutch people are known as excellent language speakers, and it is quite rare to find an educated Dutch person who does not speak English, French or German; in fact, many Dutch people have master all three languages!

However, the perception that Dutch is an esoteric, "unimportant" language is totally wrong, for many reasons.  For starters, Dutch is the mother tongue of more than 23 million people in the Netherlands, Belgium (as a dialect known as Flemish) and Suriname.  Next, the number of publications published in Dutch is huge – 11th in the world – making translation from Dutch both vital and important.  Also, the Netherlands is a significant global trade center, home to two of the world's largest and busiest trade hubs:  The Rotterdam sea port and Schiphol airport.  Finally, the Netherlands is the only country in the world that requires would-be immigrants to master its national language as a prerequisite to any consideration of an immigration request.

At SmarTXT, Dutch is considered one of the most important languages. We have vast experience translating from Dutch in various fields such as academic, finance, legal, and medical, and we use the services of translators who have mastered both important dialects of Dutch – Netherlands Dutch and Belgian Dutch (Flemish).

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