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When the Normans, the Kings of France, ruled England, the English language was on the verge of extinction, due to the official ban they imposed on speaking English.  Today, centuries later, English has won out decisively over French, which was the official language of diplomacy until the end of WWII. However, although French is no longer the world's dominant international language, it is still one of its most significant ones, having official language status in many international organizations such as the UN, the European Union, and the International Olympic Committee.

Just like English, Spanish and Portuguese, the use of French became more widespread during the age of colonialism. In fact, French is still used as an official language or as a commerce language not only in European countries such as France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Luxemburg, but also in many countries in Africa (Morocco, Ivory Coast and Niger, for example), in South-East Asia (Vietnam and Cambodia), and America (Canada, French Guiana, and Louisiana in the USA). This fact, coupled with the huge number of scientific and fiction books written in French, make translation from French essential and required for various needs in most countries around the world.

The wide geographic distribution of the French language and the significant influences of the local culture in each country where French is spoken led to many differences between the various dialects of French, just like in English and Spanish. As a result, even a translator who can translate a French text originated in France is not necessarily capable of translating French texts coming from Morocco or Canada. Therefore, at SmarTXT we ensure using only the services of translators who master the specific dialect, in addition to full mastery of the language.

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