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Spanish is one of the most commonly-spoken languages on earth, where the number of people who speak Spanish as their mother-tongue is second only to that of Chinese (more than 390 million).  Spoken in all Latin American countries, with the exception of Brazil, Spanish is extremely important as a commerce language, thereby necessitating the translation of contents and texts both to and from Spanish.

In view of the vast geographical distribution of Spanish, quite a few differences exist between the Spanish dialects spoken in Spain and those of other Spanish-speaking countries around the world. For example, in South or Central America, the Spanish is a mixture that includes Creole dialects and words originating from Indian languages.  In another example, the Spanish dialect spoken in Equatorial Guinea lacks the well-known distinction between familiar and polite forms of address (“tu” and “usted”).

Another interesting feature of the Spanish spoken in Spain is that it is a much more “naive” dialect than the one common in other parts of the world, and many words that are very common in Spain would never be uttered by Latin American speakers because of their non-literal connotation. For example, in Spain the word “concha” means a conch or shell, and “conchita” is a common name for girls. In Latin America, however, “concha” is the nickname for a female organ that resembles a conch, so this word is not used in everyday language, and no one would contemplate calling their newborn girl “conchita”.

For these reasons, when translating to or from Spanish, the translator should be well acquainted with the dialect being translated. This is why at SmarTXT we only use professional translators, who have mastered the dialect relevant to the specific text.

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