How does a Greek person say "That's Greek to me"?

When Greeks do not understand something, they say "Are you speaking Turkish?"; however, the language most commonly used as a symbol for not understanding anything someone else says is Chinese. More than 15 languages used the phrase "It's Chinese to me" to indicate total lack of understanding.

When a text has to be translated into Greek, Turkish, Chinese or any other language seen by other language speakers as totally non-understandable, the readers would definitely like the text to be "Greek/Turkish/Chinese" for them. However, low quality and inaccurate translation results in text that does not look and sound like the target language. Such a text, which was sloppily "converted" from another language and culture, does not easily slide down the reader's throat, and is sometimes totally unclear.

For example, in the USA a person driving one of the less expensive models of Buick is a symbol of middle-class driver, while in Israel Buick is very expensive due to high custom taxes and symbolizes vane, nouveau-riche drivers. Therefore, when the Buick is mentioned as an example ("when a cop stops you because your Buick's headlight is broken"), a high-quality translation to Hebrew would convert the Buick car into Subaru in the 1980s, Mitsubishi in the 1990s, and nowadays Mazda or Hyundai.

At SmarTXT we believe that just like an orthopedic doctor cannot perform an eye surgery, a translator who specializes in one field cannot produce high-quality translation of a text that deals with a totally different field.

Therefore, to make the translation sound, look and feel as if it were originally written in the target language, we strictly ensure maximum match between the expertise field of each translator and the specific characteristics of the text, the language, and the target audience.

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